November 12, 2023

Does CrossFit get better with age?

It is possible for people to improve their fitness and performance in CrossFit as they age. However, the effects of aging on the body can also make it more difficult to maintain the same level of physical ability. It is important for people to listen to their bodies and adjust their training as needed to avoid injury and continue making progress. It may also be beneficial for older individuals to focus on functional movements and exercises that can help them maintain their strength and mobility.

Why could it get better?

As people age, they may gain experience and develop better technique, which can improve their performance in CrossFit. They may also have a better understanding of their own physical abilities and limitations, and be able to tailor their training to maximize their results. In addition, older individuals who have been consistently doing CrossFit may have built up a strong foundation of strength and endurance, which can make them better equipped to handle the demands of the workout.

Can people over 55 do CrossFit?

Yes, people over the age of 55 can do CrossFit. In fact, CrossFit can be a great form of exercise for older individuals because it can help them maintain their strength, mobility, and overall fitness. However, it is important for older individuals to listen to their bodies and adjust their training as needed to avoid injury. They may also need to modify certain exercises or movements to accommodate any age-related physical changes. It is always a good idea for older individuals to consult with their doctor before starting a new exercise program, including CrossFit.

Why is weightlifting good for you as you age?

Weightlifting can be beneficial for older individuals because it can help maintain and improve their strength, which is important for maintaining their ability to perform everyday tasks and activities. It can also help prevent age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, which can lead to decreased mobility and increased risk of falls and injuries. In addition, weightlifting has been shown to improve bone density, which can help prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of fractures. Weightlifting can also improve balance and coordination, which can help older individuals maintain their independence and reduce their risk of falls.


There are three correlates to healthy aging that we look at in addition to the standard battery of biometric values you might get from your doctor.

This is a combination of two aspects of your physiology and two physical tests. This is not all inclusive but it will give you a very good insight into one’s overall health and capacity. As we age we tend to lose lean muscle mass and bone density. This is where a seemingly minor fall can become problematic. Enter weightlifting!! By keeping weightlifting as a core tennant of your training program we can continue to ensure that we maintain both a healthy amount of lean muscle mass and keep our bones strong. These two are solid indicators of physical resiliency. Grip strength and the old man test are two test that can be done to test one’s actual physical capacity. The grip strength can be done by utilizing a standard farmer’s carry or a hanging test from the pull up bar. The old man test is neurological test to evaluate balance and coordination. Standing on one foot put both shoes on and tie them without every putting the additional foot on the ground. These four tests are a peek into one’s health and capacity and should be viewed in combination with as many other metrics as possible to provide a well rounding picture of our fitness and health as we age.


Aging doesn’t mean that training should become less of a priority and that we should just fade off into the distance. It is actually quite the opposite! As we age, our training, health and fitness become more and more integral to our ability to avoid decrepitude and maintain our functionality. The continuous training into our later years well help to ensure our bone density doesn’t deteriorate. We can keep our lean muscle mass and have the ability to get up and down off the floor with ease. All of these things are centered around quality of life. With CrossFit the goal is to regain any functionality we may have lost, and then hold onto it for as long as possilbe. Its never too late to start training, and its never too late to take control of our health and our future.

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