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Our nutrition program aims at educating you and putting you back on the right track for success.

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We have spent years trying to understand what makes people successful in dieting and fitness. We see the before and after pictures of some 30-day crash diet challenge but is that the marker of success if it all falls apart another 30 days later? Were they really successful? What changed? Maybe the better question is what really happened?

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The fitness industry at large tries to package a one size fits all answer. Are you as cookie cutter as the next person? We don’t like to think so. Everyone brings different experiences and aptitudes to the table when undertaking something as ominous as body transformation. That is what coaching is about. Someone needs to understand where you are at and what you are ready for. If it were as easy as a list of foods to eat wouldn’t everyone be successful without being stressed out?

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We don’t want to be limited by someone being lighter on a scale or fitting into a smaller dress size. We want you to be the person that is lighter on the scale or fit into a smaller dress size. That happens because YOU change, not the food. That is why we believe the answer comes with paying attention to nutrition, movement, and connections to your emotional state while understanding how they integrate together.

We measure lactate levels in the blood to determine whether you are more on the anxiety or depression driver (everyone has a disposition to one or the other). This helps create an understanding that your state is held mostly in the body, not the mind.

We work towards optimizing diet to improve sleep and recovery to training. Our approach is to build sustainability and not a quick fix. Nutrition should make you feel good, not add another stressor to your life. Losing weight is not a goal but a byproduct.

We determine what type of training and/or movements are appropriate to develop or hinder your relationship with anxiety. Physical fitness should be used to train behavior towards stress. We also address muscle imbalances that cause chronic pain or potential injury.


Everyone's body is different, but at Ares Athletic Club and CrossFit A Game, we all have a common purpose: we want to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and achieve our goals, whether that means losing weight or preparing for competition. Our Nutrition Coaching program in Manahawkin will furnish you with a specially-tailored plan that will help you get quicker results and enjoy more energy during the day. The best part is that you don't have to eat salads for every meal -- our team will help you strike the perfect balance between what makes you move and what makes you smile.

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