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Our Women's Only CrossFit aims to help you achieve what we call "functional fitness."

Women's CrossFit

CrossFit is about creating balanced fitness. By incorporating a wide variety of movements, Our Women's Only CrossFit aims to help you achieve what we call "functional fitness." That means that what you achieve in the gym every day will help you live your life in a better, healthier way. It means you'll be able to chase your kids across the lawn without feeling winded, lift your spare tire out of the trunk with ease, and truly improve your life through fitness. Our team at Ares Athletic Club and and CrossFit A Game will help you get started on a fantastic workout to match your needs, right here in Manahawkin.

Why Choose Women's CrossFit?

Unlike most workouts, Women's Only CrossFit is designed to be totally adaptable and scalable, working around your individual level of fitness. It's a constantly evolving workout that strives to help people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds engage in an effective fitness curriculum that will help them do everything from losing weight to building muscle and feeling better in everyday life. You'll look better, feel better, and live better. The journey begins here in Manahawkin!

CrossFit for Women is such an effective exercise program because it allows for everything that works. It's about generalizing your fitness rather than exploring one specific niche. At Ares Athletic Club and CrossFit A Game, we're proud to help busy moms and professionals from around the Manahawkin, Long Beach Island, and Barnegat areas develop a sense of health and wellness that will pervade their lives. We want you to do more than work out and eat healthy -- we want you to feel good in your everyday life.

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Whether you're new to fitness or looking to take your workout to the next level, CrossFit is an excellent way to create total-body fitness and get real results. Our unique approach at Ares Athletic Club and CrossFit A Game promotes individualized training alongside a holistic approach to fitness, including nutritional guidance and a goal-based approach, so you won't be stuck wondering whether or not you'll see the benefits of your workout. Join us in Manahawkin and get started on training the right way.

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