Lactate and Anxiety

Damian O'Hara
August 21, 2022
Lactate and Anxiety

Here I am working with someone that has extremely high lactate levels.

No, these levels are not from a killer workout but a conference call.

It is extremely difficult to reach such levels of lactate in a workout (which shows anaerobic threshold is bullshit).

We, especially our institutions, have  misunderstandings in the areas of fitness and mental health.

I’m not saying I have all of the answers but we must be willing to ask better questions.

To put this reading in context, the meter only goes to 24.

A really good crossfitter or fitness enthusiast might get to 16.

If this reading were shown to a doctor they would say this person needs to go to the emergency room for severe brain or liver dysfunction.

They are just having a bad day, at least, that is how their system is interpreting it.

This interpretation has many physiological and psychological downstream effects.

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