Kids and Teens Fitness Classes

January 13, 2023
Kids and Teens Fitness Classes

A main component of our CrossFit PreK/ Kids and Teens Programs is carrying various implements.


1. It allows Kids to do more than just Push-Ups, Burpees and Jumps. It's keep the programming fun and teaches them how to exert maximal force with a relatively safe movement.

2. This training will enhance a Kid's overall fitness level, strength development, coordination, muscular development and toughness.

3. The variety of movement training builds the type of core strength that fuels better athletic performance.

4. It develops bio-motor capabilities such as balance, stability, mobility, motor control, body alignment and posture, which are key factors to prevent injuries and improve performance respective to their training age.

5. It's Fun!

Winter session for PreK/Kids classes

Saturday 8:30 am

Pre/ Teens CrossFit classes

Monday - Friday 4 pm

You can schedule TRIAL CLASS through our website.

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