Training who we are

What are we doing with our fitness? One common theme I hear all of the time is that working out helps with stress.
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June 6, 2022
Training who we are

  What are we doing with our fitness?  One common theme I hear all of the time is that working out helps with stress.  Does it really help with stress or avoid it?  Have you ever heard something like this, 'Being at the gym is the one hour of my day that I don't have to worry about anything else.'?  Are you a person that dreads certain or even all workouts when they are prescribed by a coach?   Do you do the same workout all of the time because it is comfortable?  Is that what you are training for?  Is that the person you want to be?

  There is time and place for everything. There are theories abound that alcohol is responsible for civilization.  The fermentation, brewing, and distilling process helps make fluid disinfected, able to be placed in long term storage, and easily obtainable calories.  Working out can help with weight loss and improve cardiovascular health.  If you use either one of these things improperly, or in excess, are they helping or harming us?  

  We should recognize that we have a relationship with things like working out, alcohol, food, stress, and people for that matter.  What do these relationships do to or for us?  Why not take the guise that fitness should be an opportunity to work on yourself?  Have you ever learned something about yourself through a workout?  Have you connected who you are, or just disconnected?  

  Training is a stress on the body.  How do you use that training towards everyday stress?  Are you approaching your training like you do the rest of the day? Do you just tolerate the workout or are you attacking your training with a sense of purpose?  Did the workout teach you something?  Have you ever won a workout?  Not in the sense that you set a personal record, some arbitrary calorie count, or some other external validation.  Did you physiologically feel victorious?  Do you even have that connection to yourself?  This is what training should be used for.  It is there to help us deal with stress, not elude it.   We should be training our behavior to who we want to be 

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